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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

8/19/15: Klamath County Wildfire Smoke Update

The Air Quality outlook for today Wednesday August 19, 2015, from 8:00 am until 8:00 am tomorrow Thursday August 20th, 2015 may reach “Unhealthy." Unhealthy Air Quality means everyone can be affected. Sensitive groups should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. Consider moving activities indoors or rescheduling. Everyone else should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion. Take more breaks during all outdoor activities. Moderate to high levels of smoke are forecasted to come into Klamath County from several Northern California Fires and the “Stout Creek” fire 16 miles east of Canyonville, Oregon. Our forecasted mixing heights are poor at 4:00 pm today and on into tomorrow until 9:00 am, and may result in an inversion. The inversion may trap the smoke and bring our Air Quality to Unhealthy levels tonight. We may find some relief from the inversion tomorrow during the day.
Weather conditions and smoke levels can vary dramatically during wildfires, not only from one day to the next but on an hourly basis. Smoke may also impact one portion of a community but not another.

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