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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rail Fire still causing air quality issues

Photo by Ariane Sarzotti, National Park Service

The Rail Fire in Eastern Oregon is still causing air quality issues around the town of Unity. Check this blog each morning for the daily weather and smoke synopsis on the Rail Fire.

For the latest air quality ratings and maps showing monitoring stations around the state check out the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's Air Quality Index. You can also visit  EPA's AirNow to receive air quality alerts where you live.

For the latest information on the Rail Fire visit InciWeb. The picture above shows the fire's west side and the picture below is a view of the east side of  the fire.

Photo by Ariane Sarzotti, National Park Service


  1. I'm looking for information on if the Sheridan (Sunriver) fire is creating smoke conditions for the backcountry area between Cultus and Mink lakes.
    And how should I best track that over the coming week?

    1. Hi there, I ran this by my colleague Greg Svelund at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Greg can be reached at 541-633-2008 and said to feel free to call him. Here's what he told me:
      It’s difficult now to tell about smoke impacts right now because the nearest monitor is in Bend. However, as a backcountry enthusiast myself, I will ask this question tomorrow on the interagency smoke and wildfire call. This morning there are winds out of the south, meaning smoke should be impacting Bend, but there isn’t much if anything in the air here in terms of smoke. If the trip is next week, the impacts from smoke will depend on how the fire spreads. There are 250 people actively working the fire, and that’s just since last night. Feel free to call or email me for updates early next week, as I will know a lot more then. I don’t think anybody will know about impacts to the trip next week until at least this weekend. It really depends on containment.

  2. Wondering (eloud) if that fire is the source of diffuse smoke over the John Day uplands of NCentralOR. Yesterday there was some thin visible smoke in the cyns to the N. Today there is also visible smoke partially obscuring a ridge toward the S.


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