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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Smoke Forecasts for Blanket Creek and Spruce Lake Fires -- Aug. 2, 2017

Smoke Outlook:  Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest         
Issued for: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 
Air Resource Advisor: Carolyn Kelly (ckelly@quinault.org)

Blanket Creek Fire - Smoke from all area fires continues to affect regional haze. Smoke is expected to drift towards the east in the afternoon and evening but will mainly remain local through the day.  Any morning inversion will break up around 10:00 am.  Air quality in communities around the fires can expect to see ‘moderate’ smoke levels at times; and potentially periods of ‘Unhealthy For Sensitivie Groups’ depending on fire activity.

Spruce Lake Fire - Tourists at Crater Lake National Park will be able to view and smell smoke in the park. Smoke from area fires may also hinder visibility.

Blanket Creek Fire – Very hot, dry, and unstable weather conditions will increase the potential for significant fire growth today. The fire is roughly 1,500 acres and fire activity is expected to increase.  A Red Flag Warning remains in effect for the area around the fire. An Excessive Heat Warning is also in effect through Friday. These conditions may lead to increased smoke output around the fire vicinity.

Spruce Lake Fire – Increased fire activity yesterday brought the Spruce Lake Fire to roughly 1,200 acres. Under the same conditions as the Blanket Creek Fire, increased fire activity is expected to continue as a result of unstable atmospheric conditions. 

Other: Combined smoke report for Blanket Creek and Spruce Lake fires due to regional smoke impacts from both; additional monitors                                  will be added in tomorrow’s forecast.
Air Quality Outlook
Sites with air quality monitors
Notes for today’s forecast
Shady Cove
Good conditions in the morning, moderate levels through the day
Moderate throughout the day
Good conditions in the morning, moderate levels through the day
Grants Pass
May experience periods of moderate in the morning and evening.
Disclaimer: Conditions may change quickly. These predictions are based on anticipated weather and fire activity. AQI estimates for sites do not represent a full 24-hour time period.  Instead they reflect a period of time within the day where smoke impacts would be greatest.
AQI Index
Actions to Protect Yourself

Unusually sensitive people should consider reducing prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion.
Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups*- USG
People with heart or lung disease, children and older adults should reduce prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion.  Everyone else should limit prolonged or heavy exertion.
The following groups should avoid all physical outdoor activity: People with heart or lung disease, children and older adults.  Everyone else should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.
Very Unhealthy

Everyone should avoid any outdoor exertion; people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children should remain indoors.
The following groups should remain indoors and keep activity levels low: People with heart or lung disease; children and older adults. Everyone else should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion

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