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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday and Monday Smoke Outlook for Oregon-California Border (Includes I-5 Corridor and Crater Lake Area)

View a version of this outlook with live links at: https://wildlandfiresmoke.net/outlooks/California-OregonBorder/ 


  1. A couple of more summers like this you will see bargain home prices as residents will move out in droves escaping this three month a year nightmare in air quality.

  2. Yes it's terrible! We need to allow for clear cutting on BLM land to make fire breaks. Clear cutting saved us from these problems but federal regulation wants to save the owls, Nd let millions of other animals die in a blaze than have cheaper lumber and less intense fires!!

  3. Why has the Klondike fire which started the same time as all of the others has never been more than 5% contained? And continues to grow. I understand about the difficult terrain.

  4. Oregon does not pour in the resource money that California has, my brother in law is a firefighter in Cali. He said that the personnel on Cali fires out number Oregon over 20- 1 for similar size fires. They just let them burn in Oregon, just try to save important structures.