Oregon Smoke Information

Map Notes:

The map above shows active fires and air quality monitors around the state. Round icons represent permanent air quality monitors, triangular icons represent temporary smoke monitors (when deployed).

Air Quality Now

Eugene's Skinner Butte, August 2017.


DEQ’s Air Quality Index – A daily index of air quality that reports air quality conditions at more than 30 monitors around Oregon and provides information on potential health risks. Oregon’s index is based on three pollutants regulated by the federal Clean Air Act: ground-level ozone, particle pollution and nitrogen dioxide. You can also download the mobile app by searching for OregonAir on your smart phone.

Lane Regional Air Protection Agency – Provides air quality information for Lane County.

EPA Air Now – Provides air quality conditions across the U.S. and allows users to sign up for air quality alerts.

EPA Air Data – This website provides access to outdoor air quality data collected from state, local and tribal monitoring agencies across the United States.

The Smog Blog – A daily diary of air quality in the U.S. prepared using information from satelittes, ground-based measurements and models. Interpretation and analysis provided by the staff of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and the Atmospheric Lidar Group.

MODIS Today and GOES West Visible Imagery – Provide satellite images of smoke.

Mobile Apps
OregonAir -- DEQ's Air Quality Index is available on your smart phone. Simply search for OregonAir in your app store. Users can pull up weather data – temperature, humidity, wind, solar radiation, air pressure – or view the list of pollutants DEQ monitors at a given station. Search or scroll through monitoring stations, create favorite addresses, look at current air quality reports, see what station has the worst air quality at a given time.

EPA's Smoke Sense -- EPA researchers are conducting a citizen science study called Smoke Sense to determine the extent to which exposure to wildland fire smoke affects health and productivity and to develop health risk communication strategies that protect public health during smoke days. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.  


  1. This information has been awesome and I'm grateful for all those who have assembeled the Data !!! Thank you!!!

  2. Not sure what you are saying about the Central Oregon Coast!

    1. The latest advisory covers a number of counties: http://oregonsmoke.blogspot.com/2018/08/news-release-deq-swcaa-issue-air.html.

  3. It sure would be helpful if the date was posted where it can easily be seen on various pages, ie; the DEQ's Air Quality Index. Also, I like the photo from Skinner's Butte, but it's labeled as 2017 which causes a little confusion as today's date isn't posted anywhere obvious on the web site. Thanks for all your volunteer efforts.

  4. Thanks to all of the folks who work to put this information together. It's super helpful for so many of us and greatly appreciated. Thank you.