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Saturday, August 22, 2015

State Wide Smoke Forecast

August 22, 2015

The following three images illustrate the state-wide smoke conditions for today, tomorrow, and Monday.  The top image represents the 24-hour average smoke concentrations for the period of 5 pm yesterday (August 21) through today at 5 pm. The white-pink colored areas represent where smoke is expected to be light to moderate.  The darker shades of red indicate where smoke is expected to by Unhealthy for Sensitive individuals or worse.   Note, smoke concentrations do vary over time, and at times smoke may be worse or better than the 24-hour average. The symbols with a flame indicate where a wildfire is occurring.

Figure 1.  Model-Predicted 24-Avg. Smoke Concentrations for 5 pm Aug 21 to 5 pm Aug 22.

Figure 2.  Model-Predicted 24-hr Avg Smoke Concentrations for 5 pm Aug 22 to 5 pm Aug 23.

Figure 3.  Model-Predicted 24-hr Avg Smoke Concentrations for 5 pm Aug. 23 to 5 pm Aug 24.

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