Oregon Smoke Information

Map Notes:

The map above is not able to show all state air quality monitors. To see the whole set, go to the Air Quality Now tab below
and click on DEQ's Air Quality Index which will bring up a map with many additional state monitors. Round icons represent permanent state air quality monitors, triangular icons represent temporary smoke monitors (when deployed).

Local Contacts


  1. When I click on the green dot on the map for a specific town (Albany, OR and Corvallis, OR) the pop up is blocked by the legend showing "Monitor" colors so that it is not fully readable. Can you fix this?
    Thank you :)

    1. Try dragging the map a little to the right before clicking on a monitor that is near the left margin. Or you might also like the full screen option. There's a link right below the map that says "full map". Try clicking on that and you'll have lots of room.

  2. If you have red-green colorblindness it is hard to read your map. If you used a grey scale everyone could read it.
    Thank you

  3. It is 2019 and we already have had several fires. When are you going to update this site?